February 2, 2009

Home Phones

Setting out to save money in this poor economy, my partner and I thought we would start by looking our home and the monthly bills.
One bill that we just paid every month and really never thought about was our home phone. Sixty dollars a month and what were we getting out of it? We both have cell phones and we even have family shared minutes, so what was the point. It must have been the fact that we liked getting hang up calls and volunteer programs calling for money. And please don't forget that this last year was election year and they do know how to ask for support.
Well in only three minutes the phone was shut off and we started saving $720 a year. Now maybe you do need a land line but make sure you are only paying for the features you use. And if you have internet sign up for online billing and pay online. You not only save a tree but save money in postage.

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