July 9, 2009

Sperm Shortage; Or is it Under Population?

I have read some truly stupid things, but when it comes to what the government will spend money on I am never surprised.

A sperm shortage, or maybe it's the lack people in the world. That must be the reason scientists are working on "prompting" embryonic stem cells to divide their chromosomes, grow tails and become sperm cells. According to Sky News scientist in the UK have this mastered although they don't know if the sperm will fertilize and an egg. Oh yes, it is also be illegal in the UK to use the artificial sperm to produce a baby, but the scientists behind the technique say they want the law changed to help infertile men.

OK, so don't get me wrong. I love kids, have three of my own and truly "feel" for the people that are incapable of having their own.

My question is; When the government and science can't cure Cancer and Heart Disease do we really want them spending money and injecting use with homemade sperm? The FDA promotes and allows all kinds of toxins and poisons that reduce sperm count, yet they would be happy to take our money for the artificial insemination of artificial sperm.

So once again science, medicine and the government would rather look at treating the symptoms than look at the cause.

Now we can forget about; pesticides, over use of antibiotics, growth hormones, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, prescription meds (for everything), over the counter meds (for everything), McDonald's, fluoride in our water, GMO foods........

Heck what's one more genetically modified organism, it could be our child.

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