July 9, 2009

Making A Change, The CFL Way

Last week (OK, I'm behind...on vacation) we were given the challenge to change our light bulbs to CFL or LED bulbs.

This is probably one of the easiest things you'll ever do. And did I mention you'll be saving money. Everybody needs light to see and everybody is constantly changing light bulbs.

So make this one easy. The next time your at the store pick up a package of CFL bulbs. I've seen them sold separately and in mega pack boxes at such places as Sam's Club, etc. Every time one of your old bulbs burn out, just replace it with a new CFL bulb. I myself am half way through the house, I have six old bulbs yet to burn out. By the way, the CFL's I have in now have been in use for a year.

CFL bulbs not only save electricity, but they save you money and time.

So check out the video below, become a follower of;
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For another way to save electricity and money, check out;
Pull The Plug & Save

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