June 22, 2009

NO Plastic Bags, cont.

Plastic Bags didn't become a household product because we don't use them, need them or want them. They became a household item because they make things easy, they were cheap & we have become a disposable society.
So my question is; Were you able to; Just Say NO to Plastic Bags (for one week)? Did you get yourself some reusable bags? Did you forget them once or twice and then what did you do? Do you plan to cont. this now that you have started?

Let me know. Tell me what you use instead. Tell me if you use recycled kitchen trash bags, Bio Pet Bags, reusable Produce Bags, Etc.

Watch the Videos below and Thanks once again to;
Reduce Footprints: Kicking the habit ...

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  1. I've used reusable bags at the grocery, farmer's market and flea market (my only shopping trips this week). Awhile back I purchased some Eco-bags ... so use those for trash.

    But ... here's what I'm thinking ... what if we didn't use any plastic or eco-bag for trash ... what would we use since many places insist that garbage be "bagged" and most of us don't have a piece of property where we can bury our trash. Even Eco-bags or bio-bags end up in landfills and, because it's an anaerobic environment, they take years to biodegrade. So ... do you or any of your readers have a solution? It's a puzzle I haven't solved yet.

    Thank you for the videos ... I had seen the first one some time ago but the second was new to me. Really interesting and that little bottle of plastic soup was really an eye opener.

    Take Care!

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