February 24, 2009

Dog Food--What's In It?

I am all about recycling, but I recently learned something in regards to recycling that turned my stomach.
I always had an idea that commercial animal food wasn't all that great. I assumed that it had scrap meat pieces, rice, wheat, corn, and other vegetables. Then you would have the ingredients to help hold it together, artificial color (why I don't know, they say dogs are color blind) and of course all the other additives that for some reason the government thinks we need.
I mean what else could there possible be?
OK, here's the kicker.
*Corn Syrup & Sugar--My dog needs this as often as I do, never.
*Coloring (red, yellow & blue)--Here again, my dog sees in black and white so this must be for
my sense of appeal.
*MSG--A neuro-toxin that adds flavor.
*Euthanized dogs and cats--Because they are protein and are listed as, "animal meat bi products
*Feathers, Hooves, Horns, and Recycled leather shoes--They are all 100% protein
*Nutria Swamp Rats--They grow to approx 2 ft long, weigh 18-25 lbs and are found in Louisiana. They are killed, thrown in a storage bin on the shore and when collected they are ground whole and added to pet food as protein (plus whatever disease they may have had).
*Road Kill
Rancid, putrefying and diseased meat is OK because according to the AFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) guidelines they can use; dead, dying, diseased or disabled animals.
You can even have a company that say their product is USDA inspected, but it never claims to have passed. AFOC says that's OK because it falls under their 4 D's (dead, Dying...).
Statistics are showing that dogs are having an increased rate of heart disease, diabetis, cancer and other fatal diseases. Seems as though they a following in their masters foot prints. If we don't want additives in our food, if we want it clean, fresh and pure than why would we want any different for our four-legged family members.
I used to be worried about my dog (Koda, above) eating table scraps because he might get fat or something. But I eat mostly organic and range fed animals with no hormones etc. Table scraps at my house beat dead, dying, diseased or disabled animals any day.
Just keeping people informed.
For additional information click on the link or pictures above.

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