February 16, 2009

Best Hospitals Near You

Hello Everyone,
Being Eco-Friendly and saving the planet is more than just taking taking care of the world, is also involves taking care of yourself.
Unfortunately everyone needs to go to the hospital once in awhile and I know we wonder what kind of care we will get. I myself have worked in hospitals and know the ones I would be a patient in and I have an idea of who I would want as a doctor, but most people have very little info when it comes to who is good and who isn't. Your local hospital might be great for a total hip/knee but suck when it comes to heart care.
I found this web site that gives you a free listing of where to go for different kinds of situations. It is really kind of nice to know. You have a choice in where you take your car to get fixed and you should definitely have a choice in where you get care. Remember it is your health, be informed and know your options. Doctors are not gods, they make mistakes and they have their own opinions (right or wrong).

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