August 13, 2009

AC Free For Arizona Couple

I had heard about the story a few weeks back while listening to the radio. Then when I saw the Arizona Republic last Sunday (Aug. 9th 2009) and I got to put a face with the story.

I must say at first I really thought they were nuts. I mean I live in the Valley of the Sun, so we are like neighbors. I know how the desert sun can turn you into a sweat ball and then dry you up like a raisin. So yes, I thought they were crazy and had more than a screw loose.

But, wait a minute. I grew up in Arizona and I was raised by my Grandparents. What they call, "Old School". We had no Air Conditioning, we used a Swamp Cooler and Fans. We opened our windows and spent more time outdoors. We ate cooler foods like cold fried chicken, potato salad and watermelon. We took cooler showers, and I say cooler because there is no cold water in Arizona. Adults sat outside in the shade and the kids played in the yard. We drank plenty of ice cold water and lemonade and no body melted.

My life is a little different now and my Multiple Sclerosis might run a muck if I even dared go with out AC (I have to keep cool or I can't walk), but I do give Chris & Dani a lot of credit. They have opened my eyes and reminded me of the many things we CAN go without.

My contribution to the AC/Electric demand for the year was a new energy efficient AC unit, the old one was a classic (197? I think) and I increased the temperature by two degrees.

Check out Chris's Blog
and let me know; Could, Would or Do YOU go without Air Conditioning?

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