June 8, 2009

Da Plane, Da Plane -- No It's Just TRASH

Every other weekend we head to the lake. And every time I spot some floating trash. I always take more (trash) home than I came with. Still I wonder; If this one little lake can have so much debri, what a dump we must live in.

I just can't imagine being in the search party for flight 447. Looking down from the search plane and thinking we found something or someone, only to realize it's a piece of trash. Not just any piece of trash and not a piece of plane but a fully intact pallet.

There was also oil slick spotted near where the plane went missing, turns out that was from just another random petrolium slick from a passing ship that dumps toxic liquids into the ocean.

Flight 447 was a Big Plane and the 228 missing passengers will not be forgotten any time soon. And while we need to find the missing people and we need to find the plane, could there be more to this picture.

Could we give some meaning to these unfortunate deaths. Couldn't this be a wake up call. Shouldn't we be asking our selves why there is so much trash in our oceans that it confuses search teams.

Mike Adams hit the nail on the head when he reported; "I can see the future headlines already: "Air Passengers Saved by Emergency Landing on Island of Debris in the South Pacific."

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  1. It never occurred to me that trash in the ocean would interfer with search efforts ... as a society, we should be ashamed! Thank you for pointing this out ... and thank you, also, for picking up other people's trash!

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