May 15, 2009

A Little Pill and it's BIG Toxic Effect

The planet Earth is becoming a toxic dump. We see it when we look across the evening sky or over any near-by city. It’s there as we drive down the street and a gust of wind blows trash across our path or the semi next to us belches out a cloud of nauseas fumes. It even meats me at the door because Mr. Pest control man has sprayed his beautiful yellow toxin around my townhouse. I know, I know, the association believes this will keep me safe from scorpions, spiders and all the rest of our desert creatures. Little do they care that I keep my place clean, have a cat (who can tolerate eating scorpions), use ALL Natural pest control and the smell of Mr. Pest man makes me GAG!!

This makes me wonder. How can anyone hope to clean up the Toxic Planet when a large majority of the people can’t even take care of their own Toxic bodies. Chemicals, Toxins and Environmental Hazards are everywhere and some we may not be able to get away from. The Off-Gassing of fumes from the carpet and paint where you work, the dry cleaners that opened across the street from your home and other things that would make you have to live in a bubble.

There are things though that we can do. Things that may seem like they are for our good or our health, but in the end also help the environment. You stop using the micro wave because it’s bad for you health and decrease energy used. You stop using Teflon pans because they cause cancer and you improve air quality.

You can also think about what you put in your body. Remember what goes in, must also come out.

Science News reported in December 2008 that, “At least one in 25 older adults, about 2.2 million people in the United States, take multiple drugs in combinations that can produce a harmful drug-drug interaction, and half of these interactions involve a non-prescription medication”.

Now once again Science News is reporting that, “more than 80 percent of adults age 57 and older take at least one prescription drug a day and that about half of them regularly mix drugs with over-the-counter medications and supplements”.

An older Gallop Poll from December 2005 reported that about half of Americans were currently taking prescription medication. They also reported that they were, “more likely to take medication for a long-term rather than short-term medical condition, and to take it for a physical rather than psychological or emotional condition”.

With that being said, we have to remember that expired medications that are sent to the landfill leach into our ground water. Medication flushed down the toilet end up in our water system, whether it be dumped there or from the bodies own form of excretion. The media has also reported that tiny amounts of pharmaceuticals; including antibiotics, hormones, mood stabilizers, and other drugs have been found in our drinking water supplies.

My goal for today is for you to stop thinking about saving the Planet. I want you to think about saving yourself. Now don’t get all excited or angry because what you do for your self will in the end affect others. Think about what you put in your mouth, in the form of pills.

Can that cold or flu be shortened by taking Vitamin C, Zinc, drinking extra fluids and rest instead of Over The Counter Meds and Antibiotics? Can you get rid of that head ache by taking a 15 min. nap/walk or listening to relaxing music instead of popping Ibuprofen? Can those aches and pains be dealt with by taking (or eating) an all natural anti-inflammatory like an Omega 3? Can you reduce your cholesterol or your blood pressure with diet instead of meds?

Try not to be one of the statistics above. Work on saving your self. In the end, the neighbor kids next door that dink the city water will thank you. In fact the wild life that picks through the landfill will thank you and even the plants and animals that you eat which are nourished by the ground water will thank you.

What a big roll that little pill, has on EVERY THING!!

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