April 26, 2009

Your Daughter, Sister Or Friend Could Die. Gardasil , Get The FACTS!!

As a mother of two girls and the grandmother of five, I worry about their health and mine.

I worry about what what this world is going to put upon them and what little say, we may have when it comes to our own health. Mandating vaccines like Gardasil, and the push (or maybe the Big Shove) by pharmaceutical companies with little, no, incomplete, or false information only proves that people need to be more informed, more active, and more concerned about their health.

Spain pulled 76,000 doses of Garasil after girls became ill, yet America pushes for the drug and may even make it mandatory for your daughter to go to school.

The videos below are offered as a starting place to become more educated. If you watch them and you learn something, that is Great. If you watch them and they scare you or you pass the information on to someone you care about, that is even better.

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