April 2, 2009

Pollypill, Who's Better Off

A blue pill, a red pill and a yellow pill. Oh so this one must be a rainbow pill?

What do you get when you cross an aspirin (to thin the blood), two anti-hypertensive drugs (to lower blood pressure), and a statin drug (to lower cholesterol)?

Well according to Dr Reddy’s Pharmaceutical company which boasts; “Headquartered in India, we are a global pharmaceutical company with a presence in more than 100 countries. We have wholly-owned subsidiaries in the US, UK, Russia, Germany and Brazil; joint ventures in China, South Africa and Australia; representative offices in 16 countries; and third-party distribution set ups in 21 countries”. (found on their “about us page”) You get a Polypill.
But, I say you get Big Parma with even BIGGER pockets.

They claimed that such a pill could prevent 80% of all heart attacks and that anybody with cardiovascular disease could take it, as could everybody over 55. ‘‘It would be acceptably safe and with widespread use, would have a greater impact on the prevention of the disease in the Western world than any other single intervention,’’

Reports also state that 2053 patients aged 45 to 80 years without cardiovascular disease but with one risk factor—type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, smoker within past five years, increased waist-to-hip ratio, or abnormal lipids—at 50 centers in India were enrolled. They also report that those who took the Polypill in the study had no more adverse effects than eight other groups enrolled who were taking one of the components of the Polypill.

Points to think about;

1)“No more adverse effects”. Well we all know these drugs have adverse effects, so how about something that has NO Adverse Effects.

2)This study was funded by the pharmacy company that wants to sell it.
3)It was conducted in a low income country where fewer lawsuits would result from harm or deaths and the testing cost less. Guess this is more cost effective than American guinea pigs.

4)The people tested had one risk factor, but did they actually live longer, did they suffer fewer heart attacks or have better blood flow? They never studied this because they are only concerned with numbers that over simplify a disease. Remember elevated blood pressure is not a disease but a symptom of some other problem. Elevated cholesterol is not a disease but a by-product, remember the liver makes cholesterol because the body NEEDS it.

5) March 2009: Polypill Coming To America

6)Moral of this study per big Pharma is: The more medications in your system the better.

My thoughts on this is, It’s HOG WASH. I’m trying to help clean up this world, get the toxins out the the air, eat organic foods with less chemicals. I buy Eco-friendly cleaning products to save the ozone and decrease pollutants in the water and soil. Even the President is supporting solar and wind power yet the FDA could OK a Pollypill that incense pushes legal drug use for anyone over 55 and with a risk for something. Did they forget about or just choose not to acknowledge all the drugs already found in city water, lakes and fish.
Push for chemical free foods, clean water, no irradiated foods, fewer toxins and exercise. Then I bet everyone's blood pressure, cholesterol, and quality of life would be better.


  1. One does have to wonder how many of today's ailments are simply caused by environmental pollutants. It seems that everyone has something and I find myself wondering if these things were always around and we just didn't know much about them or if more of us are getting sick because of an unhealthy environment. I have a feeling it's the environment!

    Wonderful post (as always)!

    Small Footprints

  2. We can partially blame physicians, though. How many people are taking meds they don't even need?!
    I have said for years that are health problems are related to "preservatives" in our food. People think I'm nuts, but you know it has an effect.
    We don't need new pills, that's for sure! How many products along the lines of this new one, have lawsuits pending because they are harming and/or killing people!?
    Isn't it amazing how we have all these new "illnesses/ailments" that did not exist years ago. They claim that we just weren't aware. NO WAY! It's all the changes "we" have made to want we consume.

  3. Polly put the kettle on...Polly puts the kettle on. That pill is a load of crab I must say! :)